Think! – Act – Innovate!

For pottery clay has been used since ancient times, but what is it that makes Mitticool, a fridge out of the clay? What is it that makes some production system lean V/s an ordinary? What is it that makes some internet search engines more relevant than others? In short what is it that makes a product /process/ service successful or simply special?


About Think!

Outcome is determined by actions and actions by thoughts. Think! Ignites that spark in every mind to push back the limits, explore possibilities and start believing in innovating for a better and exciting life. Through stories, games, analysis and introspection it is sure to give some adrenaline rush. The toolkit comprising 7 Think!ing tools, empowers the brain with systematic, thinking process and lives no scope for “I didn’t think about it” in a design of a product / process or service. It is about realizing that work is fun and much more enjoyable by dreaming, ideating, exploring, experimenting and improvising to achieve the goal.

Think! is a training cum workshop based on the philosophy of designing for better and happier future, backed by 7 thinking tools that inspires and initiate thinking to strengthen ideation and take innovation to a higher level.

Who Should Think!
No matter what the university degree reads or what the job profile is, Think! is meant for people who would like to explore possibilities and create positive impact by their work, be it a product designer, engineer, technician, doctor, executive, entrepreneur, architect, teacher, HR professional, student or an NGO.

Outcomes of Think! 

Think! Sets out thinking direction, provides mechanism for evaluating ideas and making decisions in everyday work.

ü   Inspires to believe in making things better.

ü   Make them sensitive towards understanding user / customer need.

ü   Identify problem / opportunity.

ü   Generate ideas and alternatives.

ü   Think Out of the box.

ü   Integrate environmental needs.

ü   Resource optimization.

ü   Cost effectiveness.

ü   Time Considerations.

ü   Collaboration.

ü   Provides pragmatic and holistic approach.

ü   Minimize risk of failure associated with innovation.

ü   Implement it in everyday life.

  Duration: 2 days.

  Number of Participants: Minimum:  8, Maximum: 24