Learning By Exploring!
For kids from 2 to 99 years.

"The best blocks are in their very natural form, untreated and unpainted, making them safe for kids."

R7 Building Blocks are made from high quality wood namely Teak (Techtona Grandis), Deodara (Cedrus Deodara) and Babool (Vachellia Nilotica) that are traditionally used in Indian toys since ancient times. The blocks are coated with beeswax and vegetable oils to protect them from moisture at the same time make them safe for kids to play with. Utmost care has been taken to preserve the natural appearance and properties of the wood and hence each block may show different colour streaks and in some cases peculiar spots as well. 

"This also makes kids aware of the natural colour and streaks of wood and thus
 the fact that wood is not factory made."
The blocks stimulate their visualization, comprehension by touch, ability to experiment and analyze as they build big structures by connecting small blocks. 

We care for environment hence the R7 Building Blocks are packed in a beautiful and Eco-friendly cloth bag.

To order a set of R7 Building Blocks (26 blocks) or a customized set - write to admin@rangedesign.in