Drive Young
Wherein kids can sit and drive.

Kids have their own way of looking at things, they have their own world of imagination & exploration. The more they explore, the more they grow physically  and mentally. 

What can be a better toy than a car that is so much like the one they see around them? 

MN 01 is hand-made and can be customized as per requirement. 
MN01 is proudly designed in India. Battery, motor & gearbox are sourced from Indian manufacturers.


Body – GFRP with steel chassis. 
Battery – 6V, 12 V. 
Drive train – DC Motor with gear box.
Run time – 1.5 hr, 2 hr between charges (Charging time 6 to 8 hr).
Max Speed – 3kmph , 6kmph.
Age group – 2 to 5 years.
Max payload – 25 kg, 30 kg.
Dimensions – 1200 x 570 x 450 mm.

Safety – Child safe paints are used. No sharp edges. 
The drive train has been tested for durability, impact & overload conditions. 


LED head lights & tail lights, horn, steering wheel, accelerator pedal, movable mirrors (child-safe), customized number plate and sample driver license with driver name. 


FM radio, spoiler, fog lamps, seat with foam cushion, alloy wheels (FR, steering wheel (F1 type / batman type).