Everything is designed! This section aims at exploring infinite possibilities of solving everyday problems by design and make life easier and happier.

Everything Is Designed
The world is an execution of designs that include a perfect design that is nature and some man made designs made by man.
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Peek-a-boo Let them Find U
Human beings are eager to share experiences how well a company can capture customer feedback and use it for growth?
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Incredible Nashik
Designing a city specific experience and making   them tourist friendly as cities may not be only about places to visit, things to do or events to attend.
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A Christmas Gift
A gift that fits aptly in the stocking, light enough for
the rope to sustain and powerful to develop a kid's creativity.

2016 New Year Predictions

Innovations that are going to change things radically  in the new year. Some will be launched, for the rest seeds will be sowed in 2016.

Flooded Roads and Dry Wells
Sustainable water management solutions to avoid water clogging on roads and increasing under ground water table.